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Produkter fra Kiddus

Fantasy plays an important role in the development of our children. From the desire to offer a product that merges the world of color and fantasy with quality finishes, Kiddus brand was born in 2003.

We combine our Dutch origin, which makes us organized and decisive, with a Spanish design full of color and fun. Kiddus team is young, cosmopolitan and dynamic.

Thanks to the continued confidence of our customers and partners, Kiddus has grown. Today we are present in several countries inside and outside Europe, and we continue to work to become a reference brand internationally. Our effort is rewarded with the satisfaction of our customers, which we have department stores, chain stores reputable and retailers.

You can find products Kiddus in the following countries: Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Canada, Vietnam, Greece, Russia, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Kiddus Accessories in Spain also offers exclusive brands from other European countries, forming a varied assortment of toys always with a distinctive quality and originality, and valuing children to stimulate their imagination, an observer capacity, symbolic play and other skills.

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