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Sporasub aims to offer a comprehensive range of innovative and quality products to meet the needs of the most demanding spearfishermen.
An international team of athletes, the strong tradition of a historic brand, investments in the study of new materials and the continuous scientific tests are all ingredients of the success of Sporasub. The phase of design and development of projects is Italian in order to guarantee the best quality. To achieve the best results we have developed special instruments we use to objectively measure the performance of our products. The products’ development finishes when they meet the standards required to pass our heavy stress tests in order to guarantee quality and durability to the products of this brand.

Bilde av Sporasub blyplater til blyvest 600g
Bilde av Sporasub Yemaya 5mm OVERDEL
Bilde av Sporasub Yemaya 5mm UNDERDEL
Bilde av Sporasub Breeze
Bilde av Sporasub Yemaya 7mm OVERDEL
Bilde av Sporasub Mystic maske
Bilde av Sporasub Yemaya 7mm UNDERDEL
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