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Lynrask, effektiv, rustfri og meget brukervennlig knivsliper.

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Fortune Products’ philosophy is that the pinnacle of the customer’s buying experience should not be at the cash register but rather when the customer opens our product at home and it performs as expected.

Fortune Products focuses on one primary goal with the AccuSharp® line of products—making the most effective knife and blade sharpeners in the world. Our every effort is aimed at creating products that will provide the sharpest edge possible for your knives, tools, and equipment. Whether your sharpening needs range from the kitchen, workshop, yard, hunting, fishing, or other outdoor sports, our sharpening products can help you maintain the very best edge.

Award Winning Company
We’re proud of the many awards we’ve won for product effectiveness, even when compared to brands costing hundreds more. We’ve been compared to products from bigger companies, electric and manual products, products endorsed by celebrities, and AccuSharp® brand has won for value and performance.


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